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Shanghai Ramen | 上海拉面 | 500g±
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  • 注意:放多点水,一定要先煲热了水(滚水),才面放下去。
  • 把面煮1分钟 至 1分钟半左右(时间很看个人口感)
  • 只要注意面 软了 / 熟了 就拿起来了
  • 切记:不能煮太久(时间也是看锅的热度。煮太久,面会很软就不好吃了)
  • 无枧水 No Alkaline
  • 无硼砂 No Boric Acid




  • 冷藏的话可以收2-3个月,但是温度必须在 -2° 至 -4° 。
  • 如果温度不再这个度数之间不够冷,就不能藏那么久。
  • 不够冷的话,建议2-3天吃完最好。
  • 面类冷藏建议不要收太久,会影响质量。
  • 注意冷藏后必须100%解冻,再慢慢松开才能煮。
  • 没解冻完的话面条会容易碎或断掉。



How to store suggetions:

  • It can be stored for 2-3 months if it is refrigerated, but the temperature must be between -2° and -4°.
  • If the temperature is not cold enough between this number of degrees, it cannot be kept for that long.
  • If it is not cold enough, it is best to eat it in 2-3 days.
  • It is recommended not to keep the noodles refrigerated for too long, which will affect the quality.
  • Note that after refrigeration, it must be 100% defrosted, and then slowly loosened to cook.
  • If the noodles are not defrosted, the noodles will break or break easily. 



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