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Pork Jowl Meat (Cheek) | 脸颊肉 | 500g +/-
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What is pork jowl meat?
The jowls are the biggest cut of meat on the head. They are fatty and delicious and can be used to make an italian smoked meat called "guanciale" which is similar to bacon but fattier. The cheeks are a small cut located above the jowl that is generally put into trim to make ground/sausages.

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Pork Jowl Meat | 脸颊肉

Pork jowl meat, also known as pork cheek/pork neck, is a flavorful and tender cut of pork that is often used in Asian cuisine. This cut is derived from the cheek of the pig and has a rich, fatty texture that makes it perfect for slow cooking and braising. Pork jowl meat is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes, from soups and stews to stir-fries and BBQ. It is often marinated to infuse it with flavor before cooking. This 500g+/- pack of pork jowl meat is a great choice for those who enjoy experimenting with new cuts of meat and exploring different flavors and textures in their cooking.

猪脸颊肉,也称猪颈肉,是一种美味多汁且容易入味的猪肉切块,常用于亚洲烹饪中。它是具有浓郁的脂肪质地,非常适合慢煮和炖煮。猪脸颊肉是一种多用途的食材,可用于各种菜肴,从汤和炖菜到炒菜和烧烤。在烹饪前通常会用调料腌制以增强口味。这500g+/- 的猪脸颊肉包是为喜欢尝试新的肉类切块和探索不同口感和味道的人们而设计的绝佳选择。

Why Choose Us?

更卫生 | More Hygienic

• 从卫生角度看,食物中经常存有各种细菌,甚至可能有某些病毒,而冷冻食品中的细菌都已排出或冻死了。
• From a hygienic point of view, food often contains various bacteria and possibly even some viruses, and the bacteria in frozen food have been expelled or frozen to death.

更保质 | Better Quality

• 冷冻食品最理想的保存温度是-18℃。因为在-18℃大多数的微生物生长可以完全的抑制,化学反应和生化反应的速度非常低,可以有效地保证食品的品质。
• The ideal storage temperature for frozen food is -18°C. Because the growth of most microorganisms can be completely inhibited at -18°C, the speed of chemical and biochemical reactions is very low, which can effectively ensure the quality of food.

更方便 | More Convenient

• 谈到准备和供应快餐时,没有什么比冷冻食物方便。它们非常适合你的冰箱,保存很长的时间,而且他们很容易准备。
• When it comes to preparing and serving quick meals, nothing beats freezing meals. They fit perfectly in your freezer, last a long time, and they're easy to prepare.

有营养 | Nutritious

• 有些人误解冷冻食品会破坏其中的营养成分,其实只是因为重复解冻导致食品中富有营养的细胞质液等营养物质随水分一起流失。只要正确解冻和合理食用,冷冻食品的营养价值并不比新鲜食品低。
• Some people misunderstand that frozen food destroys the nutrients in it, but it is only because repeated thawing causes nutrients such as nutrient-rich cytoplasmic fluid in the food to be lost along with the water. Frozen foods are no less nutritious than fresh foods as long as they are properly thawed and eaten properly.



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